My kind of crazy

Starting a blog takes 1 minute.  Setting up a blog properly takes a long, long, time and I’m not convinced it’s ever done.

But the one daunting widget that I keep avoiding is the “About Me” plugin.  I can’t seem to define myself in a 1″ by 1″ box.  I’d like to think that it’s because I’m SO complicated that I can’t be summarized.  In reality, I’m plagued by a quiet fear that I’m just not that interesting.

What makes us interesting?  It’s not our list of various roles: mother, partner, friend, professional, neighbor, dog lover (though I am all of those things).  To really know someone, you have to know their weird litte world, all of those idiosyncracies and habits that make up their own unique brand of crazy.

Here’s a couple of mine…

* I peel my fingernail polish off when I’m worrying about something. (Husband’s editorial note: I’ve been known to “chew that sh*t off” 4 hours after a manicure.)

*  On any given day I vascillate wildly; some moments find me rushed and anxious with a vague sense of annoyance while others are filled with awe and gratitude. 

*  I fight a Sisyphean battle with the laundry every day.  And lose.

*  I don’t love makeup but I never, ever, ever go without lipstick.  And I’ve been wearing the same shade for a decade (Loreal Raisin Rapture).  It looks good on everyone, in every season.  Trust me. 

* I only eat an animal if I could (hypothetically) kill it.  Chicken and fish are in.  Beef and pork are out.

* In high school I was an awkward, clumsy, chubby kid with a good heart and an angry mouth. 

*  In college I was an awkward, slightly less chubby kid with a good heart and an angry mouth.  Who didn’t go to class.

*  I like to have reasons for things. There is a very specific reason I married my husband and a very specific reason I became a mom (each time).

*  I can’t. handle. loud chewing.  This was a late-onset pet peeve, which is a blessing because I wouldn’t have survived my childhood (I’m looking at you, Dad).

*  There are times I can’t concentrate because of the clutter in my house.  But with two kids, a husband (who works from home), and a dog… clutter is an unwelcome roommate who ain’t moving out anytime soon.

*  The South is rubbing off on this northerner; I recently started purchasing seasonal flags to hang outside my home.  And I get excited when it’s time to hang a new one.  Where do I hand in my Yankee card?

*  At some point I’ll get into my spirituality but not today.  My favorite label anyone ever gave me was “Morpheus-like”.

*  I don’t answer phone calls while I’m driving because I’m too busy singing at the TOP of my lungs.

* I forget to be inspired unless I’m looking for inspiration which is a big reason why I started this blog.

* I always mean to go to bed early but I get sucked in to facebook or a REAL book and stay up way too late.

* “Way too late” is a lot earlier than it used to be.

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