The Woven Moments

I wish the important moments in life were stark naked and under a bright spot light.

I find, however, that the moments that matter most are interwoven with other, lesser moments.  Sure in the retelling they seem extracted and stand-alone but in reality they happen in context of a million other simultaneous actions.

A critical parenting moment amidst a crowded church fish fry.

A marital argument in the loud cafeteria during a busy work day.

An unexpected call from a grieving friend while I’m cooking dinner.

The thing is, I’m not always present enough to see these moments for what they really are (or can be).  How many times am I too preoccupied with changing a diaper or getting out the door to really participate in the moment that is happening RIGHT NOW?  And how many moments do I miss?

But when I manage to be there in that one moment that matters, when I bring my full self to it, that’s where I find my peace and my joy.  And that’s when my life’s tapestry gets ever more beautiful.

So maybe it is right-sized that the important moments aren’t in stark relief to the lesser ones.  Maybe it isn’t the brightness of one moment but the weaving of all the moments that matters.

May our tapestries be rich with lurid, shimmery threads and matte, muted ones.  And may we always show up for our woven moments.


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