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This week’s “Stuff I Dig” is dedicated to relaxation.  Because what’s not to ‘dig’ about being relaxed?
I read a daily meditation (I read several, actually).  I sit in my car before work and hope to God no one sees me.  I read my meditations and I sit quietly.  I offer up a prayer or two.  My prayers are less “Please stop world hunger” and more “Please help me be kind to the people who annoy me most.”  Or even more often, “Dear Universe, all I need is 2 seconds.  Please give me 2 seconds’ pause between the time I think something and the time it comes out of my mouth.
My “after meditation” pose (Source)

My job has been incredibly stressful lately.  And by lately I mean for the last 8 months.  Not only is the work complex and challenging, the personalities are more vibrant and varied than the big value box of Crayola.
     I work with some colorful people y’all. (Source)
What helps me relax after a long day of work isn’t a glass of wine, or television, or even dessert.  It’s writing. 
I start with my private journal.  I write a mental dump of all my stream of consciousness thoughts.  This usually consists of a long line of gripes, complaints, and general negativity.  
“I hate loud chewing!”
 I purge all of the stress and clutter of my day.  When I’m done (it only takes 15 minutes most days), I’m calm, relaxed and ready for to be inspired.
The blog, though it takes up all of my free time, is actually a huge stress relief for me.  It’s fun.  I look forward to writing every day.  It makes me feel like my life isn’t just about commutes, conference calls, swim lessons, and quick meals.  The blog is my place to be ME. 

Yesterday, I shared Jason Mraz’s “Sunshine Song.” (Click here to read that post.)  Today, I share another Jason Mraz song.  Apparently, Jason wrote it for his good friend, Bushwalla (if you are not familiar with Bushwalla, you can read about him here) who was struggling with the end of a long-term relationship.
I listen to this tune for two reasons.
One, it’s the perfect song when I need someone to talk me down.  I relax the minute he sings the first line “Calm down/Deep Breaths”.
Second, (and it makes me cry when I think of it this way) I like the song as a message to my daughters.  “Hold your own/ Know your name/ Go your own way/ And everything will be fine” I love singing this one to the girls at bedtime too.
Side bonus – the name of the song is “Details in the Fabric”, which goes along with The Woven Moments theme pretty nicely. 

Enjoy and Happy Weekending!

If you can’t see the video, click here.

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