Stuff I Dig

I dig Fridays.  Correction: I really dig Fridays.  In honor of this awesome day, I’m going to devote Friday posts to other stuff I really dig.  It may be a song , a person, and/or a book.  But whatever it is, it WILL be awesome.
Here’s some stuff I’ve been digging this week:
For those of you who already know me, this is no surprise.  B likes to call me an Oprahologist (on a good day) or an Opraholic (on a day when I’ve watched 11 Tivo’d episodes in a row).  Reading “O” magazine every month is just an extension of my love for Oprah herself.  Also, “O” may be the only women’s magazine I read that is uplifting.  Most other ‘women’s’ magazines leave me feeling ugly and depressed.

Oprah is my BFF, she just doesn’t know it yet.

This month’s edition is particularly awesome.  There is a whole section devoted just to poetry.  A couple of poet laureates are interviewed but the best part is hearing important Americans discuss what poems mean the most to them. My favorite part of this (and every) month’s edition is Oprah’s column, “What I know for sure”.  This month, she discusses the definition and the art of poetry.  The part that struck me the most was the concept that poetry is the simple act of living slowly enough to see the beauty in the details.  Priceless.

Sidewalk chalk

Yesterday was B’s weekly night out (not to worry, I get one too) and sidewalk chalk provided the perfect post-dinner activity outside.  Peanut drew a treasure map on our sidewalk while Pumpkin (after deciding that sidewalk chalk was NOT delicious) drew happily on our front steps.

Ignore the chills you get when handling chalk. 
Draw through the pain.
The bottom line is, if you have a four year old and a one year old, sidewalk chalk is a $1 party in a box. 
Taio Cruz’s “Dynomite”
I don’t know who Taio Cruz is and I don’t really care.  All I know is that my kids go NUTS when I play this song.  Armageddon could be breaking out in the backseat but when this song starts there is instantly an eerie stillness….and then all hell breaks loose. 
This morning the whole family was in the car when I tee-d this baby up.  Pumpkin started simultaneously bobbing her head and kicking her feet in her car seat.  I was a little concerned that passersby might think she was seizing.  Peanut knows every. word.  I may or may not have caught her first interpretive dance as she acted out the lyrics, “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes/saying aaaayooo/baby let go.”  Even B and I had a (not-so-) little dance party in the front seat.  
So remember – listening to this song may cause seizure-like movement, interpretive dance, and impromptu front seat dance parties.  Consider yourself warned.

Disclaimer: This blog is only 2 weeks old…in its infancy, really.  And infants don’t have corporate sponsors or kickbacks.  But I promise to let y’all know if I ever get paid for digging anything.  Until then, assume that I’m just passing along cool stuff just because I think it’s cool.