Extra! Extra!

There has been a lot going on here at The Woven Moments lately!  Some of you have stopped me at the coffee machine, while walking the dog, or eating in a restaurant to ask about updates to particular posts.  
“Ryan, let me see your nails!”
“How did you cancel cable without a rebellion in your home?”
“Does Charles In Charge count as teen angst?”
So here they are, in backwards chronological order…. your post updates!
May 5, 2011
This is by far my most popular post of all time.  It struck quite a chord with some and even sparked some nasty debate over on reddit. 
For those of you that don’t know, reddit is a site for people to post links that they love or love to hate.  Then people get to tear those posts to pieces.
I kid.
Ok, not really.
Yes, there were many nice comments too.  But they are much less interesting. (You can find the post on reddit here.)
Click to enlarge the image.
That very last sentence incited from me the kind of expletives not heard since the release of “Pulp Fiction.”

April 26, 2011
I wrote this post as a reminder to myself to limit the kids’ screen time.  Since then, I can’t say I’ve done a much better job.  What can I say?  I’m human.
I personally, however, am watching nearly zero hours of TV.  Every waking minute not spent at work, with the kids, hanging with my husband, or clinging desperately to my pillow, I’m writing.  And I dig that.
I had to have some dental work done recently (three between-the-teeth fillings, to be exact) and I was actually excited to go.  Why on earth would I be excited?  Because I got to watch TV the whole time I was in the dentist chair!  Who cares about a few shots of novocaine when you can watch TNT guilt free!?!?!
Bring on the cable! (Source)

In this post, I established that:
a)      My husband is the best roommate you could ever ask for,
b)      The laundry gets washed and folded but rarely put away.
c)      My dining room has been re-appropriated as a laundry staging area
The before picture:

The update here is that all of the laundry got put away on Mother’s Day.  And it wasn’t even a gift – it just magically happened.  The after picture:
And we aren’t even entertaining anytime soon!

April 12, 2011
This post sparked the funniest Instant Messenger (IM) exchange I’ve had in recent memory.  My co-worker (and loyal reader), Greg, was none too happy to log on to the blog and see a picture of Jacob’s rippled abs.  He let me know about his displeasure in great detail over IM.  It was (to use his favorite word) awesome.
If you read the post, it won’t surprise you that one of my Mother’s Day gifts was the entire trilogy of The Hunger Games along with this:

The angst is palpable

The bookmark is so awesome, it begged for several alternate caption options:
Alternate Option 1: There is a frightening lack of tribal tattoos here.
Alternate Option 2: “Dude, where’s my bronzer?”
Alternate Option 3: How come no one told me that Menudo got back together?

April 5, 2011
Sadly, Peanut hasn’t wanted a manicure in a while.  Even as I wrote this post back in April, I had a feeling this was coming.  I haven’t found the manicure replacement yet but after reading this post by a dear friend, I think playing with dirt might be the answer. 
Peanut did get her first pedicure this past weekend (I wrote about here).  I’m rocking the blue toenails as we speak.

March 26, 2011
This was my very first blog post!  If you’ve ever wondered what the heck I mean by “woven moments”, go back and read (or re-read) this post.
Since then, I’ve posted nearly every weekday.  It’s an aggressive pace to maintain but I’m having a ball.  The site itself isn’t where I want it to be.  I’m currently working to give the blog a new “look and feel” which will be unveiled in the next few weeks.  I’m really, really excited about it.
I started this blog because I was bored on a Sunday afternoon while Pumpkin was napping.  To say I’m thrilled with the response would be a gross understatement. 
Writing each post and sharing it with you is a pleasure.  Reading your comments, re-posts, and tweets is a HUGE added bonus.  As always, I thank you for reading!
If you are enjoying The Woven Moments, please follow me on Facebook.  Or leave a comment.  Or tell a friend.  Or have “The Woven Moments” tattooed on your forehead.
See? I’m flexible.