Living With Words

I should have known I’d want to be a writer.  After all, I’ve been surrounded by words my whole life. 
My mother loves words enough to learn them in other languages.  My lullabies were in French.  To this day she swears she “doesn’t speak Spanish” yet she mysteriously understands and can speak it. 
On a recent trip to my parents’ house, I was struck by the quantity and variety of words in plain view throughout the house. 

There were cutesy sayings.  Words to live by.  Even a poem handwritten by my Nana.

 This apple didn’t fall far from her Mama’s tree.  When we got home from that trip, I noticed that nearly every piece of art, knickknack, bauble, and doodad in our home is a slogan, a saying, or a phrase that resonates with me. 
This got me thinking about the role of words in my life.  When I experience a new thought or feeling I can’t integrate it into myself until I can boil it down to a word or phrase.  Until I’m able to describe the truth of something, I can’t find the right place for it within me. 
A small example: When a situation at work bugs me I have to talk and talk and TALK and talk and talk until I get to the bottom of it. But once I find what the crux of that situation is, the thing that is really bothering me about it, I can put it to bed in my mind.  I don’t even have to fix it.  It’s the psychological equivalent of a culinary reduction.
The truth isn’t nearly this delicious.


Turns out words are how I make sense of the world. They are my reminders of who I am and how I want to live…
It’s not a coincidence that the key to happiness is atop the coffee machine.

That lighthouse is on the beach that feels like home to me.
A dear friend’s beautiful artwork
Beautiful poetry by my cousin.  Shamefully bad poetry by me.

Being well behaved is also BORING.
And words are my source of inspiration.
I bought this gem at Smith Mountain Lake.  Talk about inspiration!
A wedding gift from an incredibly talented friend.
I look around my life and my living room and I see the truth in plain sight.  I am supposed to be a writer.
When you look around your life, or your living room, what truth is in plain view for YOU?  Share your truth and leave a comment.
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