Oprah’s Tissuetastic Farewell

I’m about to say something that feels a lot like blasphemy….the very words may trigger cataclysmic repercussions; I’m sure I’ll be struck by lightning or at least crippling diarrhea.

I did not love the Oprah Farewell Spectacle.

I’m not talking about the VERY last show (sniffle), I’m talking about the 2 shows leading up to the very last show.  You know, the ones that were in the arena where a bunch of celebrities paraded out to bemoan their love of Oprah.

And this is coming from ME, Oprah’s biggest wannabe fan.

Here’s my breakdown of the spectacle, in the true mathematical style you’ve grown accustomed to here at The Woven Moments (using crayola markers, natch).



The final episode was more what I was expecting.  It felt a lot like a masterclass with Oprah; I took notes.  How many wisdom nuggets can you cram into 60 minutes (minus commercials!)?

I didn’t hear anything that she hadn’t said before.  But hearing it all at once was wonderful.  My favorite wisdom nuggets from that final show:

–  Live from the heart of yourself.

– Start embracing the life that’s calling you and use your life to serve the world.

–  When you are responsible for your life, you. are. free.

– You are worthy because you are born.  You, alone, are enough.

–  What’s whispering in your life?  And will you hear it?

Someday I hope to reflect on these thoughts, maybe even on this blog.  But first I have to stop crying.

Until that happens, I hope you’ll leave a comment.  Or at least pass the tissues.



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