Our marriage is like a bug.

I got married on May 15, 2004.  It was a great year to get married.  It was ALSO a great year to be a cicada.
What is a cicada, you ask?
Do not confuse a cicada with Jon Secada.
I am not a bug.  (Source)
 A cicada is an ugly, large, loud bug that emerges from the ground in mass numbers every 13 or 17 years. 

They are about a thousand times bigger looking
 than this little thing.  Trust.  (Source)

You can imagine how I felt as a bride-to-be when I realized that our wedding would be plagued by locusts.  Our ceremony and reception were indoors, however, so we rolled with it.  My sister helped me get a sense of humor about it….
Cicada bride coffee mug
So on my wedding day when we took our pictures at a local park, I decided to embrace the infestation.  After all, if we can get married in a tempest of insects, the rest is cake!
Pucker up, pal!
Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary.  Like a good partner, I’ve been really reflecting on what our relationship means to me. 
And by ‘reflecting’, of course, I mean that I’ve been brainstorming how our marriage resembles cicadas: 
  1. We do not bite or sting.
  2. <blinking cursor for 10 minutes while I think of nothing>
Okay so we aren’t similar to cicadas. YAY!  (I think.)
I recently leanred that the traditional gift for the 7th wedding anniversary is copper.  So if you are looking for an anniversary gift, honey, just get me these:
Copper cicada earrings.  Bam. (Source)

Because NOTHING says “undying devotion” like insects in your ear holes.  Who says romance is dead??
Love you, B.

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