Pumpkin’s Purple Priorities

Sometimes, your priorities get decided for you.
After dinner I decided to sit down and map out my next post about prioritizing areas of my life.  I wanted to reflect on putting family before work and work before writing.  I planned to divulge my penchant for compulsive behavior (besides the TV thing).
As I started my mind map, Pumpkin came over and asked for the marker I was using.  I sat her up on the chair and gave her my marker.  I then tended to the dog, who was ripping up a paper towel with her teeth.  (If you haven’t met my goat dog, you can meet her here.)

When I turned back around, I saw that Pumpkin had made short work of my mind map:

She was taking no prisoners.  And she was doing it in purple.

It occurred to me that this was a sign.  Maybe I needed to not worry over the post and instead just be in the moment with Pumpkin.  When I laughed and asked her if she was having fun, I got this response:
I am so much cuter than your blog, Mama!

I decided then that this post wouldn’t be so much a written reflection of how I need to prioritize.  Instead, it would be a summary of the moment I decided to DO what I planned to write about.

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