The Naked Face Movement (maybe)

The mornings around here are pretty hectic.  We wake up and get 2 kids and a dog fed, then spend at least 30 minutes cajoling our children into clothing, socks, and shoes.  All of this happens while we try to consume mass quantities of coffee, chase down book bags and diaper bags, and try to synch schedules for who is doing which drop off, pick up, swim lessons, etc.

This was our breakfast routine pre-children:


Looks lovely, right?


Our morning routine these days feels a little more like this:


Not so lovely


Notice that in my description of our mornings, I didn’t mention any time for me to actually, you know, GET READY FOR WORK.  For my own morning routine, I basically have two choices:

a)      Get up earlier than my kids (who love the crack of dawn more than Santa) to get ready.  Not happening.

b)      Resign myself to showering at night, having perpetually short hair that can be styled in less than five minutes, and stealing away for 10 minutes each morning to smear on some makeup.

I guess another option would be to take a page out of this lady’s book:

Why has no one invented hands free MAKEUP APPLICATION??


I’ve been thinking about giving up make up altogether.  I mean, who cares if I wear make up to work, right?  The problem with this plan is that I’m pretty sure that, without a decent layer of Bare Minerals, I look like this:

More or less


Yet with make up, my self concept looks a little more like this:


I don’t even own a suit. Heels and I don’t play well. But you get the drift.


The TRUTH is that I probably look almost exactly the same with make up or without.

So WHY can’t I give up the make up and ease my morning routine?   What’s the big deal about going face naked?

Maybe I need some solidarity.  Anyone want to phase out make up with me?  Maybe for the summer?


I’m not doing it alone.  So who is with me?  Anyone?  Bueller?


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