Weekend Warriors

 Our weekend was JAM PACKED.

We started with a family picnic where B got to carry a ridiculous amount of stuff.  
Don’t worry, I totally carried the camera.  And my diet coke.
 At the playground, the girls played “let’s evade Mommy while she’s trying to take a picture of us.” Peanut and Pumpkin learned a valuable lesson that day….
Mommy always wins.
Pumpkin is turning into a ham.  Wait, that sounds weird.  But this is what she does when you say “smile”

…or “show us your teeth!”
My smile is no match for the wattage of Pumpkin’s toothy grin!

 We made a half-hearted attempt to take a nice picture of me with the girls:

Peanut tried her hand at fishing.  Turns out she is a natural and caught two catfish!
The lesser known art of ballet fishing. 

She was so afraid of the fish, she wouldn’t even take her eyes off it to take the picture.

I wonder where she gets it from??

 We capped off the weekend with a trip to the nail salon. We are no stranger to manicures (I wrote about them here) but Peanut got her first pedicure.  
She insisted our nail polish match and naturally she chose a sparkly shade of bright blue.  Good times.
About to have her toes smurfed.

Two whole days off and what do I have to show for it? A delightfully full belly, 2 sun-kissed girls, a catfish adventure, blue nails, and a bunch of woven moments in between.  Not bad for one weekend, not bad at all.
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