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For those of you that may be relatively new here, every once in a while I write a post on what I’ve been enjoying that week. I call it “Stuff I Dig.”


There was a huge thunder-banger here last night – with lightning streaks that were a little close for comfort. After the rain cleared, the girls decided to look for rainbows (which are surprisingly common around here and usually spotted from our back porch). That’s when I snapped this little gem:

At least she remembered her flip flops?

Alternate Caption: No rainbows but she sure did find a full moon! (That one courtesy of my Dad. More on him below.)

NO MORE NIGHT SHIFTS, thankyouverymuch

I mentioned recently that a year long project was coming to an end. This project culminated with me working five consecutive night shifts (8pm to 8am). Over a weekend.

I learned a lot during these shifts, mainly that:

a) it is a true superpower to be able to sleep during the daylight hours. A superpower that I do not possess, apparently.

b) working night shifts basically requires you to eat bad food (no sugar or flour, mind you)

c) other coping strategies include:

– knitting (yes, I knit. And if you don’t think that’s cool, check THIS out)
– reading gardening magazines
– obsessively checking my blog stats
– drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee and diet coke
– copious amounts of sugar free gum (for me and, ahem, my co-workers)

Never. Again.



My post on Wednesday addressed rites of passage. They are easy to spot with kids and young adults.  Often there’s a ceremony, a family gathering, and lots of food/drink.

Though I celebrate my children’s milestones with a happy heart, I don’t recognize them as my own. And my rites of passage as an adult aren’t quite as easy to recognize and certainly aren’t celebrated with the same zeal.

So I asked you, dear readers, what milestones deserve a ceremony. And you didn’t disappoint! Below is a sampling of YOUR grown up graduation moments:

I think I'll make buttons out of this and give them as gifts. And I'm totally wearing one to my first mammogram.


Some were sobering milestones, not necessarily those that beg for a cap and gown but deserve to be marked nonetheless…

  • Beating cancer
  • Losing a parent

Others were true I-deserve-a-diploma moments…

  • Menopause
  • The first time someone calls you “ma’am” and you own it. Not the time it sounds like the needle lifted from the record that leaves you running for a margarita, but the time you smile back sweetly because you like where you are in life!
  • I remember giving my dad a tour of the house my husband and I had just bought and he said, “I’m so proud of you.” I couldn’t imagine why he was almost teary eyed but then my husband reminded me that he was proud because we bought the house with our own money and without his help.
  • Standing up for your rights or fighting for a cause (I think one diploma per march on Washington is entirely appropriate…)
  • Moving
  • The first time you care enough to vote in a non-presidential election (B offered this ironically but I think it’s legit.)
  • Completing a marathon/triathlon
  • Losing weight
  • Giving up smoking
  • Getting a pet
  • Retirement

Still others were tongue-in-cheek (and therefore my favorites)

  • First time cleaning up your kids vomit. Seriously, you deserve a ceremony after that.
  • My first colonoscopy (*pictures not recommended)
  • National Root beer Float Day (August 5)
  • Successfully caring about, or knowing the balance of, your 401k (B also offered this one, which I also think is legit.)
  • I think maybe we need a graduation ceremony when our last chick flies the nest. It should be marked with a world tour and a moment of silence.

Thank you, friends, for reminding me that there is so much to look forward to. (I mean, who isn’t totally psyched about their first coloscopy!?) Good times.



I am blessed with an amazing Dad. Not only was he ever-loving and supportive but he also taught me the importance of self-respect.

I bucked hard against this whole ‘self-respect’ thing in my youth by chasing often-lovely-but-always-unavailable men. His message stuck though and eventually I was able to grow into the woman that he always believed I would become.

Me and Dad and my first dog, Clancey.

I know, without a doubt, that my Dad is always in my corner. Always. But I got a lovely reminder of this when I read his comment on last Friday’s post. I love this man but he sure can make a girl cry.

The other reminder I got this week was what a wonderful father my partner, B, is. While I was working the night shift, he took both kids to the beach to visit his parents. Let me break that down for you. He:

– wrote and printed a packing list for 3 days’ worth of outfits, toys, swimsuits, sunscreen, and sippy cups.
– assembled and packed said materials
– loaded kids into minivan with a cooler full of snacks and juice boxes and made the 6 hour drive up to the beach
– enjoyed 3 days of fun-filled beach time (read: sandy diapers, missed naps, and cranky toddler tantrums)
– assembled and packed said materials into the van
– made the 6 hour drive home

After that trip, anyone would be tired. But he then spent the next two days doing drop offs and pick ups from day care, making meals, and doing bedtimes while I continued my nightshifts.
The man deserves an award. (A grown up graduation diploma, perhaps?)

I see him and know that part of his life's purpose is to be a parent. Because he's so darn good at it.

I’m not saying I’m impressed because he’s a dad and therefore unequipped to do this much parenting. (And if that’s why you are impressed, I urge you to rethink your standards.) I’m impressed because ANY parent would be exhausted after this much run around. Especially me.

So this Father’s Day, I dig the man who first taught me what love looks like. Without his love, I wouldn’t have found the love of my life, the one who is teaching my children what love looks like.


<cue sappy music>


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