Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer ‘round these parts.  The pools open, the grills get dusted off and fired up, the sunscreen gets applied liberally.  Memorial Day was only a week and a half ago but if you live on the East Coast, particularly south of the Mason Dixon, you know that it already feels like August.

Just today the thermometer has climbed to nearly 100.  Add in the humidity and it felt closer to hotterthanhell degrees. (It’s a technical term.)

I’ve written a bit over the last few weeks about the early-summer fun we’ve been having around these parts (you can catch up here and here).  More recently, I’ve had some fun taking pictures of our unofficial start to summer …little details that I don’t want to forget.

So here they are, my top 8 early summer woven moments…..


There’s the classic kids-ripping-diapers-off maneuver.  Because going commando is way more fun….

She ripped off her own diaper and did laps around the house, to her own delight.


Ignore that you look and feel like the Griswalds or that your minivan is busting at the seams with suitcases, swim noodles, and empty soda cans. The family road trip is a summer must-do and if you’re lucky, the road trip will include the magical and elusive “car nap”:

I call this one "Picasso Peanut"


Nothing says summer like dripping bathing suits on the back porch.

Marigold's tail makes a poofy cameo here. She's probably eating something forbidden off stage left.



My seasonal flag for summer, complete with inflatable hot air balloon!  It’s 3-D baby!


Shut up, it's fun.


Window boxes, strawberries, and tomatoes, inching their way toward greatness:


The planting of the window boxes takes no time. Getting the sprinklers to water them just right takes HOURS.


My fledgling strawberries and tomatoes, which I hope will bear fruit this summer. Or just survive.



Besides Hanover tomatoes (which you can eat like apples in late summer), the very BEST thing about living in Richmond is Ukrop’s peaches (ripened first on the tree, then in the brown bag).  They are the yummiest, juiciest peaches in the world.


By the end of summer, the peaches will be the size of a child's face. It's magical.



First off, what’s better about summer than an old-fashioned BBQ?  You know the scene: games of cornhole, kids running around way past their bedtime and sneaking treats when their parents aren’t looking, and catching up with old friends.

B swinging an overtired-but-not-ready-to-give-up-on-the-party Pumpkin

Me and one of my college BFFs (who could blackmail me within an inch of my life for all she knows about me)



Backyard water play is a win-win scenario in my house.  The girls get to go nuts with the hose, the water table, the baby pool.  I get to sit in a chair and do nothing for twenty minutes.  Everybody’s happy.

Serious water play and silly faces…

Is it wrong that I wish she was just a LITTLE more afraid of the water?

Drunk with glee


Silly Peanut


There are other summer impressions that I keep in my mind’s eye, either because I haven’t snapped them with the camera or because they can’t be caught on film.

If I could bottle the scent of my girls’ sunscreened and sun-drenched cheeks, for example, I would wear it forever. It’s my favorite smell in the whole world.

I also love the red ring around Peanut’s eyes that comes after a full day of wearing swim goggles.

Or the way Pumpkin’s locks tighten to curly Q’s when it’s humid outside.  Irresistible.


What about you?

What sights, sounds, and smells mark the beginning of summer in your world? Leave a comment and share with the class!


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