I Lava This Cake!

It all started when B had a brilliant idea to make a volcano cake for Peanut’s hula-themed birthday party.

Of course, I reacted the way most sane people respond to a high-pressure creative imperative: I tweeted about it.

Little did I know...


Two days before the party, we started baking.


I swear I'm wearing pants. I promise.


I confess, I love the word "bundt." I don't know why.


Sadly, the vanilla bundt didn’t make it. *sniffle*

Yes, the ruined cake is a shame. But so are the swim goggles that made their way into the picture. I have no explanation.


We rebounded by making more chocolate rounds.  The next day, we were ready to stack them into a mountain of fudge-y deliciousness.

The only thing better than chocolate cake ......




....THREE chocolate cakes. With chocolate icing.


There were a few tense moments while B and I were shaping the mountain. I kept wanting to cut more off of the cake.  B wanted to take a more conservative approach.  At one point I thought, “I swear to God, if you say ‘I’m uncomfortable with that’ one more time, you’re gonna be wearing this mountain.”  But I didn’t say it.  Because I am what we call a moral giant.

With our mountain ready and an epic marital fail avoided, it was time to add the lava.

Who knew hot lava could smell soooooo gooooooood!?


And now, without further ado, I give you……………THE CAKE OF VOLCANO FABULOUSNESS!!

Hot magma deliciosity




B is a genius and fashioned a way for the cake to actually SMOKE.  It involved a plastic cup at the top of the cake, some water, and a dry ice.

Needless to say, when we started singing “Happy Birthday” and Peanut saw a smoking volcano cake in front of her, the look was priceless.


Unfortunately, this picture didn't capture her reaction. No, it was snapped right after I said "DONT PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THE VOLCANO!!!!"


The cake was a smash hit and we had a great time at the party.  But later, we realized that we had a 15 pound bag of dry ice laying around with no purpose for it.


….until we spied the filled baby pool in the front yard.


Ice, Ice, Baby.

We looked at each other and thought, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

5 minutes later.


15 minutes later.


I’m just glad nobody called Homeland Security.



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