Why Lady Gaga is Dangerous




Parents, Beware!



We all know that Lady Gaga is a dangerous influence on our innocent children, what with her messages of “love” and “equality“.

Her song “Born This Way” is particularly abhorrent, especially when considering lyrics like,


 I’m beautiful in my way,

‘Cause God makes no mistakes

I’m on the right track, baby

I was born this way

Don’t hide yourself in regret,

Just love yourself and you’re set

I’m on the right track, baby

I was born this way

I mean, what parent in their right mind wants their child REPEATING this garbage, amiright?  So, as a service to parents everywhere (because what can I say? I’m a giver), I agreed to subject my small children to this abomination to show you firsthand the wreckage that Miss Gaga can wreak.

I warn you, some of the images below are pretty disturbing.

This is what happens when you allow your children to listen to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” during an impromptu kitchen dance party:


The driving beat moves them to find a dress up outfit and practice their ballet.

What will the neighbors think!?!?!



Lady Gaga’s message of love is so pervasive, the toddler was moved to hug inanimate objects.

Clearly, years of deprogramming will be required.



Worst of all, the sheer positivity in the music forced the girls to show genuine affection (left) or tolerance (right) for each other.  



Save your children before it’s too late! 

And for your own sake, do NOT watch the video below.  For if you do, the virulent melody will worm its way into your bloodstream and in no time, you, too, will “put your paws up.”




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