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This week’s Stuff I Dig is easy to write because there’s been lots of good stuff happening around here!



  • I wrote earlier in the week about the fabulous wedding we attended last weekend.
  • I had a great lunch with my friend (and fellow blogger), Brittany, and her kids.  During our lunch I had a good cry, belly-laughed at the charm and wit of her beautiful children, and walked away with a trashy vampire book and THIS:

Because all werewolves have the ab roller, apparently.

I’d call that lunch a RESOUNDING success.

And in case you were wondering, now you know why I blog.  It all started with this post – and since then I have received TWO Jacob bookmarks.  One from my own husband.  (Hi honey.)



Last Friday, I linked up to Skinned Knees’ “Favorite Fridays”, where you post your favorite moment of the week.

Favorite Fridays at Skinned Knees


This week’s “runner up” moment happened just last night after dinner:

It's a runner up because I had to photoshop clothes on my kids. Again.


My favorite moment of the week could double as a CD cover, I think. (Also, remember CD’s??)

If only there were a band called "Big Daddy and the Here Fishy Fishies"...


I love this picture because there is so much going on at once:

a)  Peanut and B are fishing using a plastic Fisher Price rod.  (Don’t laugh…Peanut snagged two decent-sized catfish the last time we used that fishing pole!)

b)  There is a snapping turtle that keeps trying to eat the bait off the hook.  We really didn’t want to “catch” a snapping turtle, however, so B and Peanut kept having to recast a few feet over.  The snapping turtle just kept following the bait!

c)  Pumpkin thought my sunglasses were irresistible and wore them all morning.  She also thought the bait (hamburger buns) was delicious and kept absconding with the baggie.  So basically, she’s a high fashion thief.



I made a solemn vow on the twitter yesterday:

So I’d liked to take a moment to thank Skinned Knees for the reminder to share my best moments.  Because I always appreciate a reminder of how gooooood life is.


Cheers!  And Happy Weekending!



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