The Naked Truth {Linky}

the naked truth


You have had that moment.  We all have.

The one where you hear or read or think or feel something and you KNOW it to be true. Not just right.  Not simply “accurate.”

But your irrefutable, undeniable TRUTH.

For me, these truths come to me as very simple statements, sometimes when I least expect them.  Sometimes when I’m talking to someone else.  Often times through my (personal) writing.

One of my favorites came during a phone call with my sister, when I was explaining to her why I let Peanut wear her shoes on the wrong feet, her shirt backwards and her hair in every imaginable hair clip.  I was trying to articulate why it was so important that I not tell her she’s doing something “wrong” unless it really matters.  That I have to pick my battles. 

At one point, my thoughts finally distilled into this one sentence:


The way I speak to her today becomes the voice she hears in her head for the rest of her life.


As soon as I said it, I felt the deep resonance of Truth in my bones.  You know that feeling – when something hits you and you think, “I’ve known that all along but now I have the words for it.”

Oprah calls it “What I Know For Sure.”  I call it “The Naked Truth.”

These little nuggets of wisdom can be about anything: parenting, relationships, work, emotions, nature, self-help, cooking, spirituality, exercise, happiness.

And the best part about these naked truths?  THEY ARE ALL YOURS. 

Nobody has to agree with your truth.  No one has to even know about it.

But wouldn’t it be fun to share one once in a while?  I mean, what if your truth could really help someone?  Or make them laugh?  Or make them think?

So here it is – my very first linky.  (For the non-blogging crowd: hosting a “linky” means I throw out a topic and folks write a post on their own blogs about that topic.  They can add their link to my blog and everybody meets writers they never knew before…ideally.)


Ready to jump in?  Here’s what you do:

For the bloggers:

1.  Grab the badge (code is in the right column) and include it in your post.


2.  Write your naked truth.  Explain it in length or keep it simple – totally up to you.

3.  Link up below (Make sure you link to your actual post, not your homepage.

4.  Visit at least 3 other bloggers in the linky (*fingers crossed* I get that many responses!)

Optional:  Consider retweets, facebook shares, and stumble upons an act of enormous kindness.

The linky will run through Monday, July 25th.  I can’t wait to read your naked truths!


For the non-bloggers :

1.  Read all the blogs that link up to share others’ naked truths.

2.  Feel free to leave a comment with your own naked truth.

3. Consider retweets, facebook shares, and stumble upons an act of enormous kindness.


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