Yogurt Is The New Phonics


Forget your fancy-schmancy pre-school learning laptops.   And you can keep your expensive “your-fetus-can-read” systems. Because this week, I stumbled upon my own effective, organic, and DELICIOUS method to practice spelling.

That’s right, friends – yogurt is the new phonics.

Allow me to explain.  It all started when Pumpkin was enjoying (read: double-fisting) her morning yogurt:

I don't know where that second spoon came from. Honestly.

Shortly after this picture was taken, the yogurt eating evolved into yogurt spreading. There was yogurt all over the kitchen table.  I allowed it because I wanted to drink my coffee in peace I’m a wonderful mother who nurtures creativity.

It took about 2 nanoseconds for Peanut to want to get in on the action.  At that point, however, I had a mess to clean, kids to drop off, and a meeting to get to at work.  I promised Peanut some quality yogurt time that night, thinking for sure she’d forget all about it.

She didn’t.

Later that night when Pumpkin was in bed, Peanut crawled into the high chair (amazingly, she still fit), secured the tray, grabbed a paint brush, and announced she was ready to “paint with yogurt.”

Could you say no to that face? Me either.

We squirted some yogurt onto the tray and quickly learned that “painting” with it was going to be difficult.

Yogurt does not a great paint make.

So we did what anyone would do – we used LOTS AND LOTS of yogurt (several more tubs).  And while yogurt is not a great paint, it IS a great canvas.  A tray full of yogurt is great for forming shapes and drawings in the white space.

A few minutes later, Peanut asked what she should draw.  I replied, “Why don’t you write your name in the yogurt?

Then she asked, “What other words can I spell?

Hence began the phonics lesson.

We started sounding out words and she would write the letters in the yogurt.  I tried to keep it interesting.  Sure, we spelled “cat” and “mom.”  But we also spelled “poop.”

She was disappointed when it was bed time because she wanted to play the “spelling game” more.

And I thought: If all it takes is a couple tubs of yogurt and a paintbrush for my kid to love words… COUNT ME IN.

One happy speller



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