Down The Aisle

Natalie over at Mommy of a Monster is hosting a blog hop for your favorite wedding photo. What fun!

Now, you regular readers will know that I’ve shared my two favorite wedding pics already on The Woven Moments.  One is of me kissing a bug.  The other is my favorite picture of B and I ever taken.

So here’s one you’ve never seen before… and there’s (of course) a story behind it.


I was in the dress.  In the back of the church.  My bridesmaids had already lined up and the processional had begun.

My dad was at my side; we were about to round the corner and take that walk down the aisle.  I had no idea the photographer was standing right there.

Dad said, “You ready, honey?

And I thought, “Am I ready to get married?  Yes.  Am I ready to walk down the aisle in front of everyone I know and love in a big white dress?  I don’t know.”

So I shot him this look.


What the photographer didn’t catch – couldn’t have captured – was what Dad whispered to me as we rounded that corner and paused a moment before starting our march.


You made a wonderful choice, Ryan.”


And, as usual, he was right.



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