Fail File | I suck at blogging

I have written several Fail File posts, detailing just how bad I am at life.  Topics have included laundry, hairstyle selection, keeping the minivan presentable.

Today, I give you my newest Fail File submission.  Enjoy.


You should know before you read this story that my motives were totally positive. Seriously.

On Wednesday of last week, I sat in a coffee shop reading blog after blog.  I giggled and snickered as I read each blog (much to the dismay of my fellow coffee-shop-time-wasters).  Each post was funnier than the next.

I had an idea to write a post about some of my favorite funny ladies.  I’d link to their Wednesday posts and give each of them a shout out.

If you read Friday’s post and you’re not a blogger or a blog follower, you probably didn’t notice the gaping mistake I made.

After all, the links worked.  The twitter handles were correct.  The images looked fine.

Ahhh, but there was one big old mistake:

KLZ does write Taming Insanity and she is a brilliant, funny writer.  But she didn’t write that post.


Of course, I didn’t realize that.  Another (increasingly well-known) blogger told me.  Privately.  Via email.


She had the opportunity to call me out publicly, but didn't. That's what I call a class act.


I learned that another brilliant blogger, Natalie from My Crazy Busy Life wrote the post.  So I immediately took this to Twitter to apologize to both KLZ and Natalie. Multiple times.


They were both incredibly gracious and I fixed my post as soon as I was able.


I realize that this isn’t groundbreaking news.  Nobody died, or broke the law, or got busted doing something scandalous.  But to me, it was a horribly embarrassing incident.  And when another blogger agrees that your mistake was epic, you know you aren’t blowing it out of proportion:

You can trust that I learned my lesson.  No more writing and editing posts in front of the TV.  Ever.

Natalie, Alison, and KLZ were incredibly gracious… and even funny… in the midst of my epic fail. I hope that you will all visit My Crazy Busy Life, Mama Wants This, and Taming Insanity this week and leave them some comment love. 



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