The Great Outdoors (with Pumpkin)

I try to get our kids outside everyday.  Usually, they love spending time in the baby pool or even taking a hike. But when the temps have consistently been north of 100 degrees every day since February (ok, I may be exaggerating slightly), no one in this house is itching to get outdoors.

Yesterday, however, was a beautiful day.  The mercury only climbed to a brisk 88 degrees and the breeze made it feel downright pleasant.

Pumpkin and I decided to hand-deliver a thank you note from Peanut’s birthday party to our neighbor down the street.  Pumpkin is not quite 2 and everything (everything!) is fascinating to her.  A walk down the street can quickly turn into a discover-the-world-around-you experience, as it did last night.

Don’t believe me?  Allow me to show you by presenting….

15 minutes with Pumpkin

Here I am, just walkin' down the street with my Mama.


2 minutes later…..

Ooooh! A WORM!!!!!

5 minutes later….

Upon closer inspection, I'm now convinced. Yes. Yessirreeebob, that right there is a WORM.


3 minutes later….

Look beyond my cute smile and notice the rocks I'm collecting in my hand. My Daddy calls this "Shawshanking."


2 minutes later….

Hey Ma! I found some dirt over here! Is that leftover SIDEWALK CHALK!?!?!


5 seconds later…..

Thank God Mom never puts anything away. I get to draw now!


1 minute later…..

Ok I'm done drawing. I think I'll practice going up and down the brick stairs now. Mommy loves it when I practice there.


1 minute later….

Watering bushes? Don't mind if I do!

45 seconds later….

But my favorite is standing underneath a dripping window box. Good times.


Time to go in already???

These pictures just go to show that you don’t have to live on lots of land, go to the park everyday, or even plan an activity to enjoy the outdoors with your kids.  Sometimes it’s as simple as walking outside and seeing where the nearly-2-year-old takes you.


Happy Weekending!



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