We are weird eaters.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve come to the conclusion that no one in my house is a normal eater.

As for me, I’ve shared my struggles with food and no longer eat flour or sugar.  No surprise there.

And I’ve never met anyone in my life that can put m&m’s away like my husband, B.  It is a thing of beauty.

Then there’s Peanut, who eats like a bird.  A bird who hates food.  I can’t get the kid to eat anything.  (Except sweets.  Magically, she finds her appetite when sweets are around.  I blame B’s genes.)

Check out her lunch yesterday:

The empty plate with a couple lonely slices of watermelon. So sad.

Peanut touched her tongue to the soup and said, “No Thanks.”  She turned up everything else I offered her, too.  She did, however, suffer through a couple slices of watermelon. Loudly.


Now allow me to introduce you to Peanut’s polar opposite, my bottomless pit 1 year old, Pumpkin.  Check out HER lunch yesterday.

Where does she put it!?!?

To whatever Peanut turned down, Pumpkin said, “Bring it on!”  She’s nearly done with her soup here and then tucked in to a healthy portion of the mac and cheese, followed by some palate-cleansing watermelon, finishing with some animal crackers.  And she washed it all down with milk.

The funniest part?  Both girls are 50% on the weight curve.  Totally average.

Last but not least, we come to Marigold.  If you read this post, you’ll remember that Marigold is the first Golden Retriever in history who is actually half goat.  She will eat anything regardless of whether or not we determine it to be “edible” or “hazardous.”  So it’s no surprise that she was a little, ahem, zaftig at her last physical.  She weighed in at a hefty 86 pounds last June….waaaaaay too big for a dog her height.

I tried using the “but she’s big boned” excuse.  Just FYI – that doesn’t work on vets, either.

Marigold then became a vegetarian.  <insert eye roll here>  But hey, don’t knock it: her food is WAY better for her, her breath doesn’t smell nearly as heinous as before, and her ears (previously plagued by infections) have been clear as a whistle since the diet change.

Yesterday at her yearly physical, she weighed it at a svelte 70 pounds.  The vet said we have effectively added TWO YEARS to her life span.

So B rewarded Marigold for her weight loss…

....with a Big Mac.


Because that’s logical. Totally.



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