Day 1!


I cried making her pb+j sandwich the night before school started.

But on the morning of Peanut’s 1st day of Kindergarten, I held it together.

Ready to go!


I made it through breakfast….

Tired, yes. But not crying.

I even held it together while we waiting for the bus in the torrential downpour.

There is nothing sad or wistful about standing in the rain. Check out how unimpressed Pumpkin is.


And then I cried the whole way to school.  (I followed the bus.  Duh.)  Thankfully, Peanut was immediately at home in her classroom.  And then, I wasn’t sad anymore.


One proud mama


We gave her a hug and said goodbye.  Peanut didn’t even look up when we left.


Busy bee


We piled back into the car.  Pumpkin was looking for her big sister.  And from the back seat a small, sad voice asked,  “Where Tee-Tee go?”

That would be the moment I totally lost it. (Can you blame me?)

Seven hours later……

I was at the bus stop a full 10 minutes early. Even Marigold was excited to see the bus round the corner.

Where is she? Where IS she?!?


Peanut had a great day though and came off the bus bounding with excitement.

One happy Peanut


We had an ice cream party to celebrate her 1st day.  She told me about her teacher and her new friends.  She told me about art class and the cafeteria.

Nothing says "Kindergarten" like ice cream sundaes. Amiright?


And then I gave her a small “You’re A Big Girl Now” gift (a great recommendation from a friend):

You gotta love Target!


I asked her if Kindergarten is thumbs up or thumbs down.  Her response, “Kindergarten is INFINITY thumbs up!”


I think we are ready for tomorrow.


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