7 Random Facts and 10 Awesome Bloggers


My buddy Eve over at one of my favorite blogs, Beautiful Spit Up, won a Kreativ Blogger award and then passed it on to 10 other bloggers, including me!   I was totally flattered to be on her list of “10 awesome bloggers” and may or may not have tweeted, facebooked, and gushed in real life to anyone who would listen.  Allegedly.

So now it is my turn!  I get to write 7 random things about me and then tag 10 additional bloggers.

So let’s get this party started, shall we?

7 Random Facts about Ryan


1. I’m really, really glad that this is a list of ‘random’ facts about me and not ‘interesting’ facts about me. 

Asking me to say something interesting about myself feels a little like asking for…



2.  I like to have reasons for things.

There is a very specific reason I married my husband, a very specific reason I became a mom, and a very specific reason I wanted to grow our family through adoption.

And if you want to know my reasons for things, just ask.  I’ll probably tell you.  (Related: I’m a chronic oversharer.)


3.  Growing up, I hated my first name. 

I got teased that ‘Ryan’ was a boy’s name, that my parents had wanted a girl, or that maybe I actually WAS a boy.  (That one, though cruel, I kind of get.  I had really curly hair and a feminist mom who didn’t let me wear pastels.)

You do the math.

I was told my whole childhood that Ryan was a family name and that in Ireland there were lots of little girls named Ryan. But then I went to college and I met another girl named Ryan and we were about the same age.  It was at that point that I finally smelled something fishy.  So I called my mom and I pressed her a bit. That’s when she spilled the beans.

I was named after a character on the soap opera, Ryan’s Hope.


4.  I’m not particularly superstitious but I definitely hold my breath when I pass a cemetery and lift my feet when I drive over railroad tracks.

I try to be really sneaky about it though so other people don’t notice.

No,I'mNotHoldingMyBreathIHaveNoIdeaWhatYouAreTalkingAbout. *gasp*


5.  I totally believe in spirits, psychics, angel guides, you name it. 

In fact, I speak to a well-known psychic at least once per year.

She does not, however, use one of these.

Image: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Each time, she tells me that I’m boring because I’m healthy, happy, and I’m making the right choices. (Yay?)  Then she goes on to tell me about all the other people in my life.  It’s money well spent.


6. The best career advice I ever received (long before I actually started my career) was, “Find out who you are.  Then figure out a way to get paid for it. You can’t fail when you are doing a job that is who you are.”

Turns out that I’m a person who loves control structure.  I work best alone am autonomous.  I like telling other people what to do leading.  This makes me a great fit as a Project Manager.


7. I have been singing (and occasionally performing) since I was a wee bitty thing. 

I sing at the top of my lungs any time I’m in the car.  But I get all shy and turn the music down at stop signs and street lights.  I don’t know why.

Me in my car.


Me at a light.


And there you have it; seven random things about moi.  Now the fun part!


I can’t wait to hear 7 random things about….

1.  Stephanie in Suburbia  (One of my first guest posts was for Stephanie.  She is awesome!)

2.  My Chosen Chaos (I just found Jamie through another blog.  And I now stalk her regularly.  Shhh, don’t tell her.)

3.  Laundry Hurts My Feelings (If Joann’s title didn’t make you fall in love with her immediately, her hysterical blog will.)

4.  Always Half Full (Ann is a wonderful writer and mom.  She has also been reading this here blog since nearly day one.)

5.  Fine, How Are You? (This is a no-brainer since I love Kristen AND she already has five random facts about her in her blog bio…in list form!)

6.  My Front Porch Swing (Ashley is funny and insightful.  She keeps it real about what NOT to post on Facebook.)

7.  My Time As Mom (Jess’ bio says that she, avoids “cooking and cleaning at all costs.”  She totally gets me.)

8.  Mama’s Monologues (Kimberly is such a supportive blogger.  And Mama’s Monologues is one of those where I never miss a post!)

9.  Two Matthews(ers) (If you don’t know April, you should.  She is funny and genuine and I’m constantly rooting for her.)

10. Staying Afloat (Want to feel understood?  Normal?  Validated?  Look no further.)

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