My Pint-Sized Picassos


I’ve got 2 prolific artists so when  it comes to displaying their artwork, the fridge ain’t cuttin’ it.


I recently got a suggestion from my brilliant friend, Brittany, to use the inside of the front door as my art gallery.  Our house has been more colorful and homey ever since.


It's great, right?


My own stroke of genius came a few years ago, when I re-purposed a small alcove in our house as an art gallery.  We hang framed finger paintings and other artwork there, adding to it every few months.  My goal is to have every inch of this space covered some day.

But the real genius? As I frame each piece, I add a wallet-sized picture of the artist.  And every time I walk through the gallery, I get a visit with a younger version of my kids.


3-year-old Peanut


What about you?  How do you like to display your children’s art work?



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