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The great thing about our vacation was that we got to spend a lot of quality time with the kids.  There was sun and fun and ice cream.  Lots of ice cream.

The not-so-great thing about vacation was that we got to spend very little time alone, just B and I.  Between enjoying visits with my parents, my sister (and my new nephew!), my brother and SIL, there wasn’t a lot of quality B and me time.

Date nights for B and me used to be pretty typical: dinner and a movie.  And it was fine. But last summer, something changed.

Last summer, we bought motorcycles.


"Anti Soccer Mom" didn't fit on the license plate. Shame.

Let me tell you – dinner and a movie will never be good enough again.  Now when we get a sitter, we kiss the kids goodnight, put on our helmets, and roll out.

That night, we rolled to a brand new Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Saigon.  (If you’ve never had Pho, you are really missing out!)


Soupy deliciousness.


We were the only people in the small, intimate restaurant.  We had no agenda, no purpose other than just sitting and enjoying each other.  We talked about the kids but mostly we talked about nothing.  The bartender chatted us up about our bikes.  We ate slowly and relaxed.

With our bellies full after a delicious dinner, we got back on the bikes for a long ride.  Our neighborhood is in an uber-planned community with sidewalks, streetlights, and postage stamp lots.  I can walk to Starbucks, the library, the YMCA, and the elementary school.  But about 2 miles away is farm land as far as the eye can see.

I’m here to tell you – I’ve found God.  And in case you want to know, God lives between 45 and 50mph while driving your bike on a winding country road through farmland at sunset. 

It looks a lot like this.

Image: Evgeni Dinev /

We rode for a little over an hour.  We passed quaint country stores and antique shops.  We saw cows lazing in fields.  We rode past corn fields and saw signs for “farm fresh eggs.”  We breathed the cool air of a late-summer night.

And on our way home, we stopped and had a cup of coffee and chatted as the sun set and the stars came out.

It was perfect.


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