Stuff I Dig :: Lost and Found

We were on vacation at the beach.

I had come back from the beach with both girls.  As we got out of the car, I picked up wet towels, sandy shoes, the diaper bag and approximately 27 other small, hard-to-carry items.

We had lunch and I put the girls down for my favorite hour of the day nap time.  I started unpacking the bags, only to realize that I couldn’t find my car keys.  Obviously they were around somewhere since I’d driven back from the beach.

How hard can it be to find a pair of keys in a small beach house?


Apparently, it was mission impossible.


They weren’t in any of the beach bags.


Or the diaper bag.


Or wrapped in the towels.


Once the kids woke up (and I still hadn’t found the keys), I thought, “They’ll turn up.  I’ll just use B’s keys until then.”


A full day went by.


Then two.

Each night after the kids went to bed, we’d do a search for the keys.  We even went dumpster diving to see if they’d been thrown out by mistake. They were nowhere.

On the 3rd day, I got a text from my husband.  It said, “I found the keys.  You won’t believe it.  Picture coming.

A minute later I got this:


Thank God neither of my children flush. Ever.



Happy Labor Day, everybody.  And for the love of everything holy, hang on to your keys.




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