The Closet Crafter


Pssst…. wanna know a secret? 

When I find some extra time (and I’m not reading YA literature or making fun of my brother), I spend time squirreled away, crafting.

That’s right, I’m a closet crafter.

But I don’t make crafts for just anyone.  I once spent six months knitting a huge afghan for my parents.  And another four months knitting one for my brother and his wife (as a housewarming gift).  I’ve also been known to sew, quilt, and scrapbook.

My favorite reason to craft, however, is for a new baby.  Whether it’s handmade baby bibs for my new nephew or a baby quilt for my friend’s twins, I love making baby stuff!  And this past weekend, I was thrilled to celebrate the pending arrival of a dear friend’s first baby.  (Is there anything more exciting than a girlfriend’s first baby???  No, no there’s not.)

I decided to make a diaper cake.   What the heck is a diaper cake, you ask?  Well, it’s a bunch of diapers that are made to look like a tiered cake.

Why do people make a cake out of something that holds poop?  I don’t know.  Because they’re cute?  Just go with me on this one.

I’ve got another secret – diaper cakes are really easy to make PLUS a thoughtful and practical gift that doubles as a baby shower decoration.  Major win.  So today, I’m showing you my diaper-cake-making process, step-by-step, with pictures.

I start with three packages of newborn diapers.  I begin by assembling the bottom tier, arranging the diapers in a circle and cramming some in the middle for stability.  I wrap the tier with white yarn and tie a tight knot.


Then, I repeat the process (with fewer diapers) for the middle and top tiers.

Seriously. It's not edible.


I wrap each tier in ribbon to cover the yarn and use straight pins to secure the ribbon to the diapers. Important Note: Be sure to tell the mom-to-be about the pins when you give her the diaper cake!

I like to try to incorporate the same color scheme as the nursery, since the diaper cake often ends up as a decoration there.


Then it’s time to decorate the cake with little odds and ends.  Picking out the cake decorations is my favorite part!  I like to pick a theme for each cake.  I once made a diaper cake with a frog theme for a co-worker (to match the nursery).  For this diaper cake, I chose a fairy tale theme.

Once I start arranging the decorations, I fiddle with them constantly.  Right up until the shower starts, usually.

Don't worry if the ribbon is crooked or the decorations are lopsided. You've got plenty of time to get it just right.


I fasten some ribbon to the cake top and let it drape down the tiers.  Now I’m ready for my cake topper.  With some assistance from Peanut, we add flowers to the top.

The flowers, like the cake, are fake.


After that, I add some decorations that peek out from the flowers and VOILA!  we have a diaper cake.

Party Ready!


At the shower, the diaper cake was placed on the buffet.  It was not mistaked it for an actual cake.  Phew.

I’m not a gifted crafter and my cakes are never perfect (see above).  But I know I treasure handmade gifts from friends.  And I’d like to think that friends appreciate the time/effort that goes into an (imperfect) homemade gift.

So next time you are celebrating a mom-to-be, consider making a diaper cake.  Then be sure to send me a pic – so I can steal your theme.


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