Adventures in Glamping

We are glampers.


What is glamping, you ask?  It’s like camping minus the tent, plus plumbing and heat.  Think log cabin in the woods.

And let me be clear – this is the only kind of camping I’m willing to do with a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a poorly behaved Golden Retriever.

This past weekend, we went glamping on Smith Mountain Lake.  We hiked.  We communed with nature.  We made s’mores.  We counted roughly a bajillion daddy long legs spiders.

Getting away for the weekend, just the four of us (plus wonder dog), is such a treat. I’m always surprised what new things you can learn about your family by spending quality time in a cabin, in the woods, away from computers and people and civilization.  (But not smartphones.  Let’s not get crazy, people.)


While glamping last weekend, I learned….


My fabulous partner and husband, B, can pack a weekend of stuff for a family of four, including clothes, activities, linens, towels, s’mores fix in’s, and more.  And the only thing he’ll forget is all of his personal toiletries.

Good thing the first rule of glamping is that showers are optional


Peanut may be an evil genius. She knows not to wake us until the clock says “7.”  We discovered this weekend that she now knows how to program the time on her clock.  We were wondering why we felt so tired on Sunday morning since it was “7:15”.  Then we checked our phone clocks and realized it was only SIX fifteen.  Stinker had set the clock forward an hour, then woken us up.  Hilarious.

Peanut also thinks hard about big questions.  She asked us who made the world.  We talked about the Big Bang Theory.  And God.  She stayed quiet a while then said,

I think God made the Universe and the Universe made our Earth.  But God made everything with a face.

Seriously.  That happened.

We've all accepted that she's smarter than her parents.


You may remember a few weeks back when Peanut’s little sister, Pumpkin, was attacked by a vampire rabbitSadly, I’m not kidding.  That was her first big boo boo, which we called her “bite.”  Now, whenever she gets a scratch or bump, she points to it and says, “Mommy bite.”  I’m pretty sure she means “Mommy, look at my boo boo.”  But when your kid is crying in a country store and holds her skinned hand, saying “Mommy bite,” I’m not sure strangers get the right impression.  Shame.

I don't bite my kids. I do, however, overfeed them sugar.

The cabin we stayed in was beautiful and rustic.  The stars at night were amazing because there was very little light pollution.  In other words, it was dark.  Reeeeeallllly dark.

Turns out, Marigold doesn’t like the dark.  She was whining to go out but when B took her, she just pulled to go back in.  This happened several times before B finally asked me to see if I had any better luck.  I took her out and, within 30 seconds, she had done her business and we were back inside.

What I learned?  Marigold is like a lot of women; she likes to potty with a girlfriend.


I gotta pee. Come with?


As for me, I remembered how much I love unstructured, wide-open parenting.  I love seeing my kids 50 yards ahead of me, running down a hiking path in the woods.


Go forth and explore!

I love seeing them interact with spiders and pine cones and each other instead of video games and computer screens.


Just a chat in the woods. NBD.




I love saying, “Yes!” and “Try it!” instead of “No” or “Be careful.”  And I love seeing the flush of their skin after a day spent in the sunshine.


Climb on top of the canoe and have a picnic? Great idea!


Run down the hill towards the water? Wait for me!!


The highlight of the trip had to be our family self portrait, which we accomplished by learning how to use the timer on our digital camera.  And now, I give you, my husband B’s narration of our woodsy family portrait:


Let me just get this centered...

OK, everybody sit on that log...

Quick everybody smi....DAMN. The 5-second timer ain't cuttin in.


Aaaaand that's a wrap.


Your turn: What have you learned about your loved ones recently?

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