How I Turned Old Stuff Into A New Laptop

I’ve mentioned before that I live in an uber-planned suburban jungle.

An American suburbIt’s a jungle out there, baby.


This kind of living has its benefits (why, hello Starbucks-within-walking-distance and yard that takes 1.5 minutes to mow).  It also has its challenges, like an HOA that raises the Type-A archetype to an ART.

There is a stipulation in our neighborhood’s bi-laws or charter or whatever LEGALLY BINDING document that rules these mean streets with an iron fist, that residents are not allowed to have individual yard sales.  Ever.

I know.

But this year, the HOA took pity on us poor suburban warriors and lifted the ban on yard sales for one day.  So every house in our bajillion-house over- super-planned neighborhood threw a yard sale on the same day.

It was awesome.

A few moments from the day:

It may not look like much but it took HOURS of planning to get this together. And who knew we had so much stuff we didn't need or want?



Lemonade stands are just as fun as you remember them.



This, my friends, is how you KNOW you are done with babies.




This puppy was sold within 30 minutes of B doing a demo. He may be a marketing genius. On a sad note, that elliptical was the best darn clothes hanger I ever had.


With the profits of our sale and the $$ I’ve been saving, we had enough to head to the Apple store and buy the laptop I’ve been salivating over for 6 months.


I am exhausted. And giddy.


And then I got to go home and spend 27 hours writing this post because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing on a Mac. (Suggestions welcome!)

But it’s ok because I figured out how to make pictures look like this:

This is blog gold right here, people.


There’s nothing I can write that will top the picture above.  Happy Monday, friends.



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