Nothin’s Burning


The best writing advice I got recently was to “write what burns.” 


My problem?  Not a whole lot is burning right now.

I don’t want to write about politics.

I have some rants I’d like to write but I’m holding off until my thoughts are better formed and less, uh, angry.

And if I do any more tag-other-blogger posts, I think I may be unfriended/unfollowed/unsubscribed by the immediate world.

That leaves me with the dreaded blinking cursor.

That mocking line that disappears and appears, like my inspiration.

The only thing that burns is my wish for real content.  What burns is my desire to be inspired enough, moved enough to write something down.


Until then?  I wait.


Your turn:  What do you do when the fire of inspiration is a dim flicker?  




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