The Twilight-Mom Connection

Those of you that have been reading my little blog a while know of my love for anything angsty

When it comes to Young Adult literature, high school dramas on tv, or ridiculous vampire novels and movies, I. AM. IN.

Yes, that includes Veronica Mars, The Vampire Diaries, and even the dreaded Twilight.

Young Moms and Vampires. A match made in heaven.

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And I’m not alone.

It has recently come to my attention that there are plenty of us thirty-something women that are on Team Twilight.  We are happily married, successful professionals, and good moms.

There are also PLENTY of people willing to point and laugh and judge those of us who dig the Twilight movies.  I agree that it is hilarious to watch a thirty-something get all giddy about a teeny vampire movie.

I reflected upon that the whole time I watched Breaking Dawn.  With 5 other moms.  At the midnight premier.

We may or may not have gotten to the theater 30 minutes early so we could get good seats. Allegedly.

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But I can promise you….there’s nothing desperate or inappropriate about our love of scantily-clad, abdominally-gifted teeny bopper movies.

Stay with me.  I’ll explain.

My day- to-day reality is happy and fulfilling.  I laugh and play with my kids, I support and am supported by an amazing partner, I love my job.  My reality today is far better than what I would have even hoped for as a teenager or young twenty-something.

And yet.

There are times when the diapers and conference calls and errands and time outs and “that’s a beautiful drawing, honey”s make you want to, how do you say, shave-your-head-and-join-a-convent escape.  

There are days when the business of being happy feels a little…..boring.

Edward, take me away.

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Enter pretty, glittery vampires.

I have no interest in picking Team Edward or Team Jacob.  I don’t care who Bella chooses or if her baby is half vampire, werewolf, or sasquatch.

Do you know what I care about?

I care that I’ll never see Bella gag as she opens the diaper pale after changing her freaky hybrid baby’s diapers.

I care that Jacob isn’t going to angst-fully storm out of the room because SOMEONE forgot to do the dishes.  Again.

And I care that Edward isn’t going to make several trips to Staples in order create a behavior chart with stickers and glitter, only to have the dog tear it to shiny shreds.

I don’t want to be a vampire.  Or Bella’s BFF.

I don’t want to be with Edward or Jacob (mostly because I don’t trust men who sparkle and I’m pretty sure a box of rocks might give Jacob’s IQ a run for its money).

I love Twilight because it has nothing to do with my real life.  

For just a few moments, I get to forget about my happy reality and escape to the dramatic ridiculous world of vampires, werewolves, and angsty shirtlessness.

It's about escapism, people.


Every mom needs a vacation from her day-to-day every once in a while. There are lots of ways to get that brief escape, some healthier than others. If the weirdest thing I do is enjoy vampire movies, I’m doing ok.

And to those who judge the moms who enjoy a little vacation a la Bella, Edward and Jacob, I say….


Bite Me.



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