Voluptuous Vixen

**A note to my readers: In hindsight, it’s probably a terrible idea to post this the day after our national day of overeating.  For this, I apologize.**

The other night, I walked into my friendly neighborhood Cheeburger Cheeburger restaurant to order my favorite salad.  

(No seriously, I ordered a grilled chicken salad.  And it was delicious.)

A local high school kid was standing behind the counter, her hair messily twisted up into a bun.  She was friendly enough, but she would SO much rather have been Facebooking than taking my order.

And let’s be honest….me too.  

As I was waiting for my salad, I looked to my left and saw a cut out of Marilyn Monroe in a slinky red number. 

Damn. Homegirl even looks good in CARDBOARD.


For some reason, I said aloud,

I heard that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12 in real life.  I don’t think that cut out does do her justice.  She was quite curvy.”


My small-hipped teenage friend cocked her head to one side, arched her eyebrows in shock, and exclaimed,


You mean she wasn’t THIN?!?” 


At this point, I had two options.  I could launch into a feminist tirade about sizes and body perception and outside pressure to appear a certain way, in a certain size, at a certain age.

Instead, I just doubled her tip.  After all, this girl had just written my next blog post.



Disclaimer: Since then I’ve done my research and realized that Marilyn probably wasn’t a size 12.  By today’s standards she may only have been as large as a size 10.  Gasp.



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