Wordless Wednesday: Boo

Many a’blogger got her Halloween post up yesterday.  Color me impressed!  Me?  I’m not so organized.  So at the risk of extending the Halloween sugar high festivities one day too long, I give you my Halloween wrap up.

There were costumes…

I love this costume so much I wish *I* could wear it.

A mermaid princess. Again.

….and good times…..

"So you're telling me that if I go THIS way, I get free candy?!?!"

A little impromptu Halloween dancing. It happens.

I was bouncing them to get them to smile. Hence the funny faces. There is no excuse, however, for my facial shininess. Shame.



…and even an outdoor movie on our front lawn!

Just goes to show that kids will sit in the cold and rain to eat candy and watch TV. Ahhh, America.


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