The Original Nook

And no, I’m not talking about eReaders.  

I’m talking about the purist version of a reading nook – a hideaway to curl up with a good book.

About a year ago, we re-purposed a rarely-used oversized bathtub into a reading corner for Miss Peanut.  We lined the tub with comfy blankets and pillows and stashed some stories nearby. On the weekends, we’d climb in and curl up with Peanut, read her a book, and then let her nap in the tub.

This picture was taken in September of 2010:

Even a year ago this kid refused to wear clothes. Shame.


I got the idea from my brilliant friend Brittany, who posted a picture on Facebook of a bathtub nook she’d created for her kids.

Nowadays Peanut doesn’t take a nap most weekends.  She does, however, have “quiet time” while her little sister naps.  (I call it Happy Hour.  Feel free to judge.)

Peanut isn’t quite reading independently yet but she still loves spending time with her books alone in her bathtub.  Since last year, we’ve upgraded the tub with sleeping bags and pillow pets.  I snapped this shot of her just last week, “reading” her favorite book.

Bathtub reading nook

What can I say? She's nearsighted.


Such an easy way to make reading feel like a special privilege…

Happy Bathtub Reading!



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