Wordless Wednesday: Seattle

If you’ve been reading The Woven Moments for a while, you know that around here, it’s a family affair.

I’ve shared plenty about my husband, B.  Besides sharing my favorite wedding photo, I’ve also written about our take on date nights and how our marriage is like a bug.

You’ve  learned about my dad’s protective side and you’ve heard my mom’s best advice.

You’ve met my  brother (blog name Chuck) several times.  Chuck even has his own tag on The Woven Moments if you want to catch up his hilarious hijinx.  And when it comes to my brother, it’s all hijinx.

But you know who I’ve never written about?  My gorgeous sister.

My big sist has been my friend and confidant my whole life.   When I told her that today would be her coming out party on The Woven Moments, she gave me free reign for her blog name. I hereby dub her Seattle, for reasons which shall become obvious.

My sister, Seattle, lives in …. um…. Seattle.

(That, friends, is what you call creative genius.)

Home of the the guys who throw fish. And McDreamy. And my sister.

Image: porbital / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Seattle moved to her new hometown recently and has spent the last few months getting settled, learning her way around, and getting rained on enjoying the sights.  On a recent trip to the famed space needle, she and her beautiful family took a holiday photo, which she promptly posted to Facebook.

I nearly spewed diet coke all over my computer when I saw it.  This is, BY FAR, the most hilariously awkward holiday photo I’ve seen.  Maybe ever.

I'm entirely paralyzed by caption options here.

So, so many questions.

1.  Is that a space suit Santa is wearing?

2.  Why is Santa’s hand in his crotch?


4.  Will she submit this to awkwardfamilyphotos.com or should I?

The list goes on…

I’m glad I waited to introduce you all to my big sis until I could give her an appropriate introducion.  Seattle, you make quite an entrance.

Welcome to The Woven Moments.

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