The Art of Progress

Little by little I make progress.

I’m tackling my 10% and I’m winning.  Allow me to make my case.

Exhibit A:

Remember how Peanut had a toddler bed and a double bed in her room because she refused to move to a big girl bed?



After one sleep over with her ultra-cool older cousins, she decided she was ready for a big girl bed.  It helped that she inherited one of their beds.


Now we can have friends over without explaining that no, there are not two children sleeping in Peanut’s room.  Win!
Exhibit B:
Remember my craft room that looked like a tornado came ripping down the street, only to target my precious assortment of quilting, sewing, and knitting supplies?

I’m happy to report that the shelves have been taken down (and donated); the crafting supplies got packed up, boxed up and stored appropriately (Did I really need every fabric scrap I own at my fingertips and on display?  No, no I did not).
The room still requires some work; we have to patch up the holes that the shelves left behind and finish painting the room, but I think we can all agree that major progress was made:

I think I've graduated to normal-people-clutter level. I hope.


I’m actually using that beautiful antique desk to write from right at this very moment.  I’m basking in the light of a beautiful day and staring out the window, watching the kids play and the mail get delivered and the day go by.  It’s a beautiful thing.


Exhibit C:

The bedroom could still land me on some home makeover show; B is still using a card table for a night stand. The room is dark and our furniture is dated.

But you know what we did do?  We ravaged the closet, donating anything we hadn’t worn in a year.  Do you know how GREAT it feels to have 5-10 bags of clothes off to new owners and out of our house?  Not only are WE trimming down, but our house is also losing weight!


It’s not just about clutter and housework.  The progress I seek is on a more personal level, too.

When I find myself with a rare 30 extra minutes to myself, my first thought is, “Great!  Let’s get something off that to-do list!”

I really wish my first thought was, “Great!  Let’s do nothing productive and just relax.”

Relaxation is often an uncomfortable process for me.  (Yes, I realize that sounds crazy.)  One of the reasons I’m scaling back on the blog a bit is because I have to get better at filling my own cup up.  I have many lessons to learn around self-care.  I don’t even know how to relax most days.  I just keep going and going and going and going….until I fall asleep reading.

And then I wonder why I’m cranky.

This week I get to spend some time relaxing with B and without the kids.  I’m hoping to slow down a bit beforehand so that I can enjoy the time off from work and parenting and life in general.  I’m hoping my incessant “doing” takes a break.  I’m hoping to sit still.  And like it.

There is lots more work to be done.  I’m amazed at how much more psychic space I have to consider the path ahead now that my house is a little clearer.  A little more dignified.

Let’s hope my clarity and my dignity is next to get a bump.




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