You May Hear Crickets…

It’s been kind of quiet around here for a couple of weeks.  

Besides battling an epic head  old and watching two seasons’ worth of How I Met Your Mother while half-baked on NyQuil (good times), I’ve been doing some reflecting about writing and blogging.  And how the two are related and distinct.

Last week I submitted my first article to a magazine.  It’s largely based on something I published here but tweaked slightly for a wider audience.  I have no expectation to see it in print but there was something about the submission process that was highly satisfying.

Blogging offers the immediate gratification of writing something and clicking publish.  Bam, there it is.  People comment….or not.  People share it…..or not.  But either way, I have measurable evidence that my thoughts, my writing, is being read.

Another blogging advantage (bladvantage?) is that I can just be me.  I’m free to make syntax and grammar errors.  I can be silly or smart or oversimplify things.  It’s my prerogative; this is my safe space.

But there are topics tumbling around in my brain that require far more time and dedication than a single blog post.  There are topics that I’ve avoided completely on The Woven Moments for fear that I wouldn’t do them justice.  Others I’ve tackled at one point or another (here and here and here) but there’s so much more to say.  I need to dedicate more time and attention to this work, so that these thoughts can come to the fore.  And it’s this work that I think could parallel with my newly found love of preparing articles for submission.


The bottom line is that I’m not going anywhere.  I’m still here.  But I’m pulling back, looking around, and re-focusing.  My new goal is to blog at least once per week, while working on other material in the background.

Blogging or not…. publishing or not…. you can still find me on Facebook (my favorite romping grounds), Twitter, or my newest love Pinterest.


More to come soon, friends!




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