My 5 Favorite Blog(ger)s Right This Minute

I used to (try to) read about 120 blogs a day.

On the days that I actually succeeded in clearing out my google reader, I consumed – on average – about a pot of coffee. Most days I failed and then felt bad about the blogs I’d missed.

I admit…I was a crazy blog rookie.

Today, I have a list of about 30 blogs that I read semi-regularly and the rest I visit as I’m able (translation: depending on how long my children nap on the weekends). I don’t try to read every blog every day. I give myself permission to miss posts even from my most cherished bloggy friends.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still crazy – just a little less overwhelmed by blog content.

My favorite blogs change regularly.  But today, I pass on my right-now-I-never-miss-a-post blogs to you, friends.


Ryan’s List of Bloggy Fabulousness


 Jennifer Fabulous from I Know, Right?

Her love of fashion and all things 20’s-inspired might be the first thing you notice, but don’t be fooled.  Jennifer Fabulous is an amazing storyteller.  She knows how to dig deep and weave beauty into the stories of former sex symbols and fashion icons.  But Jennifer’s most memorable post to date has to be Scary Love (a TRUE story that you must read.  Incredible).  Give I Know, Right? a visit and let Jennifer know I sent you.  You won’t be disappointed.


Abby from Abby Gabs

Abby was probably the first person to read my blog (after my husband).  She is the first blogger friend I had and, to this day, she is one of the most spirited and sparkly people I know (on the Internets or IRL).  I absolutely adore Abby and have been honored to watch her blog move from all-funny-all-the-time to a blog full of insight and introspection and, yes, laughter.  She is honest, she is hilarious, and she is so earnest that you just can’t help but root for her (even if she does still love the New Kids On The Block…).  Check out AbbyGabs and you’ll become one of her cheerleaders, too.


Glennon from Momastery 

So it turns out Glennon and I went to the same college and even took some summer school classes together.  And, despite what she says about those days, she was a shining beacon even back then.  I recently discovered her blog after her Don’t Carpe Diem post went viral.  And since then I think I’ve read about 100 of her posts.  She’s insightful, she makes me cry, and she is able to articulate addiction in a way I’ve never heard before.  In short, I love her; not because it’s trendy but because she deserves it.  Sister on!


Literal Mom

Missy from Literal Mom

Okay, okay, so it’s probably totally cheating to pick one of my Great Blog Anniversary Linky partners to put on this list but, hey, it’s true.  Missy and I laugh about how similar we are.  We think alike, we have similar views on parenting, and we just plain like each other.  More importantly, her writing makes me want to be a better mom and encourages me to be more intentional in my own life.


Jess from Four Plus An Angel

Reading Jess’ blog stirs up all kinds of emotions in me.  Her words are moving, her life experience lends her a rare perspective, even her blog design is pure and beautiful.  Reading Four Plus An Angel makes me feel like I’m part of something, like we are all in this together.  Jess has done a lot of grief work and has practical tips on how to love someone through an unimaginable loss.  She is also a pro at Pinterest and even wrote a handy guide for bloggers on when and what to pin to drive traffic.  I’ve watched her blog grow, watched her readership lift her to a wider audience, and even celebrated as she started her own business.  And still, when I talk to her on Twitter, she is just the most normal and genuine person you’ve ever met.  Truly.


So there you have it!  Now go explore and discover the bloggy fabulousness of these lovely ladies.  Happy Reading!



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