Forget wogging; I mosey.

The Monument Avenue 10k is a big deal here in Richmond.

With over 40,000 runners and almost as many spectators, it’s an incredibly memorable event.  A few years ago, I jog/walked (wogged?) the race.  I trained for months ahead of time and took the event seriously.  It was, after all, the first time I’d ever been part of such a huge athletic event.

This year, I took a different tack.  I didn’t run.  Or jog.  Or wog.  Or even walk the race.  I moseyed.  With friends.

They moseyers: Brittany, Margy, and me


And even though we weren’t taking ourselves very seriously, the event itself is still pretty awe-inspiring.

This is just our one wave of walkers at the starting line.


Ever wonder what it’s like to move in the same direction as 40,000 people?  It looks a little like this…


Like whoa.


The beauty of moseying the race was that I got a really good visit with my friends and I got to take in all of the scenery.


They don't call it Monument Avenue for nothing, folks.


The race is 3.1 miles up Monument Avenue and the same distance back.  Spectators line both sides of the route and spend hours, sometimes in the rain, cheering on strangers.  The spectator signs are always great but this year they were better than ever.

The Richmond Irish Dancing Group


If this doesn't make you run, I don't know what will...


You go, stranger. You just go.


My favorite spectator sign EVER.


Richmond is a funny little city.  There’s plenty of Civil War history, old money, and even older Southern traditions.  But there’s also a weird, eclectic, deliciously modern undercurrent.  While there were plenty of Richmonders in their plaid shorts, bow ties, and boat shoes spectating there were also some others taking themselves far less seriously…

The Parrotheads encouraged us to get our "fins up" as we walked by


Ok, maybe not so eclectic or deliciously modern, but fun nonetheless.


These women did all 6.2 miles. Hula hooping.


Yarn bombs donned the sidelines


My new meditation hero. (Can you imagine being THAT still in the midst of 40k runners??)


It's not a 10k without a hippy love nest. Duh.

I’m now convinced that moseying the whole 6.2 miles is the way to go.  I absorbed so much more by being unconcerned with my pace (I haven’t even looked up my official finish time). I can’t wait until next year!




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