Summer Lessons Learned

In this, the season of back to school supplies, shiny new shoes, and Labor Day BBQs, I thought I’d prepare a pictorial essay on the ever-popular prompt, “What I Learned This Summer.”



What I Learned This Summer

The best part of a water park is always the wave pool.

Spending your 35th birthday at a waterpark? Not too shabby.



When it comes to pyrotechnics, Pumpkin is fearless.

Is anyone really surprised?



Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is the world’s most perfect beach destination.  

It’s hard work doing nothing all day.


Canoe rides through alligator-filled lagoons provide great photo ops, but are not, as a rule, fun.

Within 30 seconds of this picture being taken there was whining and crying that lasted an hour. And that was only the grown ups.


There are only two types of shots I’ll ever really cherish from vacation: a picture of unedited joy on my child’s face:

Peanut on her 6th birthday.

…and the family beach portrait (as imperfect as it always turns out).

That’ll do!


I was reminded that love comes in all shapes and sizes:

A girl and her horse

Pinterest taught me that the tooth fairy enjoys a welcoming entrance.

The answer is MORE GLITTER. What was the question?


The finished product

I learned that not all first haircuts are happy experiences:

Saddest Pumpkin face ever.


I learned how to co-exist with worms living in my kitchen. 

(Yes, you read that right)

Why yes, that IS a worm composting bin in my kitchen. More on this later. I promise.


I give this summer an A+!!



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