2014 In Focus


I believe in love and the power of hope.  I have big ideals like rigorous honesty and courage and integrity of word and action.

The problem is my complete amnesia of these ideals on the day to day.  My heart knows what I hold true but my head seems to take over.  That hamster wheel I keep locked between my ears goes ’round and ’round with worry and anxiety.   I’m not special; I know a lot of you have the same obsessive hamster wheel brain that I do.

When it comes to reflecting on the year it’s so easy for me to focus on what was hard.  If I allow my selective memory to shift into overdrive, I can even start to believe that life is hard — and that it’s getting harder every year.

In fairness, 2014 did pack quite a punch.  The lows were low.  There was grief, pain, and deep uncertainty about the future.  But that is less than half of the story.  This was also an amazing year of adventure, of fun, of new friends and lessons.   It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on what went right this year.  To find the beauty that’s worth remembering.


In 2014, we had adventures…


 This would be my 8 year old fearlessly jumping off a platform on a zip line at Family Camp this summer.



To some, traveling cross country with 2 kids on your own is no big deal.  To me?  It was like the parenting olympics.  And the fact that we had an amazing time (in Seattle. in January)?  Even better than a gold metal.


Alright stop right there, buddy. Stop. Right. There.

We had fun…

firepit Backyard barbecues were a huge highlight of this summer.  We made s’mores but mostly we just burned stuff.  Why? Because burning stuff is awesome.  Duh.


Just a little punkin’ chuckin’ at the infamous pumpkin patch.


Excuse me.  I mustache you a question.

We moved to a new home and began making new memories…


The view from my morning coffee isn’t terrible.


One of the reasons I love this house is because the Christmas decorating options are endless.

But mostly, we loved each other — imperfectly and with our whole hearts.





Now that the year is in proper focus; now that my heart is speaking louder than my mind, I look forward to 2015.  My wish is to ignore, if not evict, the hamster and his wheel in my brain.  My wish is to live from my heart and remember that I believe that life is hard, yes.  But it’s also good.  And impossibly beautiful.

My wish is for more love, more peace, more hope, more balance.