Well hellllooooooooo there, friend!

Welcome to The Woven Moments, a blog I started because:

a) my daughter was napping, the house was (gasp!) quiet, and I was bored

b) I’ve secretly loved to write since I was, ahem, young

c) I hope to one day woo Oprah to be my BFF (or at least be in her employ) using my amazing powers of self-actualization, turn-of-phrase, and gut-wrenching honesty

d) all of the above

I hope you’ll stick around, read a post (or ten!) and leave a comment (or ten!). Might I suggest some of my favorites:

If you want to laugh…

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If you want to think…

Parenting Hurts

The Silent Battle: Part I

Mommy’s Mulligan


If you want to judge me…

World Tour of Bad Hair

Why Angst Is Awesome

Defense of Marriage

Everything about this picture is a lie. I'm never this relaxed, my skin is never this clear, she is never this calm or still, and I am much more awkward in real life. All of that makes this the PERFECT picture for my "About Me" page. Duh.


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