Meet the Fam

If you’re gonna hang out here, you need to know the cast and crew….

First up we have B, my partner and the love of my life.  Our life together is a study in opposites; where he is measured and consistent, I am dramatic and spontaneous.  B is reserved and quiet; I am verbose and outgoing.  We pull each other into balance and I am better because of him.

This is his "I love being a Dad" face

Next up is my oldest daughter, blog name Peanut.  She is 4 going on 15.  Peanut is bright, sensitive, funny, and kind.  She moves and vexes me and just when I think I’ve got her figured out, she goes and changes.


My youngest daughter, blog name Pumpkin, is a true lover of life.  She is unphased, unafraid, and often unimpressed.  She has an interminable spirit and a toothy grin that could stop traffic.

Life is hilarious.

Finally, there’s me, Ryan.  On any given day I vacillate wildly; some moments find me rushed and anxious with a vague sense of annoyance while others are filled with awe and gratitude.  Usually I’m just trying to keep up with life.  And the laundry.

Imperfect. Because perfection is so last year.